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      All 4 Kidz Youth Leadership Team

                      Meet Ka'Lyah 
Ka'Lyah was nominated for Red Cross Brave Heart Award in 2021. She is All 4 Kidz first lady youth leader. She is very passionate about helping the girl with their healing progress. She is dedicated to the mission and very nurturing to everyone she mentors. She gives a nice balance to the whole leadership board. 

          Meet De'Angelo

De'Angelo won Red cross Brave Heart Award in 2020.He is a very powerful leader. He jumps into action, keeping positive energy with the youth. De'Angelo does a very good job at being All 4 Kidz spokesperson along with the other youth leaders he does most of the media interviews. He is the one who keeps everything on track.

          Meet Darnell
Darnell won Red Cross Brave Heart Award in 2020. He is the All 4 Kidz youth leader who is very responsible. He takes pride in making everyone feel safe, heard, and comfortable. He is very laid back.  He gives the youth a soothing feeling when he's around. He takes his mentor role very seriously. Darnell also does All 4 Kidz media interviews. 
            Meet David
David won Red Cross Brave Heart Award in 2020. He is the fun guy. He loves to make sure the youth is having a great time. He likes to keep the youth energy. He is a very good mentor with his youth and he dose a great job at letting them know he's there for them. He also does All 4 Kidz media interview. 
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