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      All 4 Kidz

"All 4 Kidz has a powerful team of members that’s committed to improving the lives of youth in our community. Our team is very dedicated to helping, supporting and empowering the youth in our program."

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    Santana Lee
(Executive Director)

Santana Lee is the Executive Director of All 4 Kidz Inc. She is a formal foster/adoptive mother of three beautiful daughters. Because of her challenges navigating to foster system as a foster parent, she recognized many disparities within the foster care system. After adopting her girls, she decided to do lots of research about the foster care system, trauma-informed care, mental health, and human development. After collecting all of her data and completing many trainings All 4 Kidz was born.

Santana started All 4 Kidz to create safe spaces for youth in the foster care system to heal emotionally and learn more about mental health. She is a passionate advocate and the driving force behind All 4 Kidz, an organization dedicated to providing crucial support services to children navigating the complexities of the child welfare system and trauma. She actively advocates for policy changes in the child welfare system. Santana works with state lawmakers and legislators to propose and support legislation that improves the lives of children in foster care. This includes advocating for increased funding for support services, improving the quality of foster care placements, and addressing systemic issues within the child welfare system. By working closely with state lawmakers and legislators, she strives to propose and support legislation that enhances the lives of children in foster care. She actively engages with the community to raise awareness about the challenges faced by children in foster care. In the past, she has organized events, fundraisers, and awareness campaigns to mobilize support for their cause, along with creating and providing workshops and training to bring more awareness to the community.

By collaborating with various community organizations, businesses, and individuals, she has established a robust network of support for foster youth. 

Education is important to Santana. During the pandemic when the youth in her program was failing in school, due to transitioning to virtual learning All 4 Kidz provided educational resources, and tutoring services to help the youth succeed academically. With a commendable result of increasing the graduation rates. She also works with schools and educators to ensure that foster youth receive the support they need to thrive in the classroom. Understanding how powerful mentoring can be to youth she offers a peer-to-peer mentoring program. Her programs pair foster youth with older mentors who provide guidance, support, and positive role modeling. She also provides life skills training and workshops to help foster youth develop important skills that will prepare them for adulthood.

These initiatives have contributed to higher graduation rates, Low teen pregnancies, and a reduction in juvenile justice contact. Her leadership skills developed 3 award-winning youth leaders of the Red Cress Brave Heart Awards in the youth leader category.

Santana's dedication through the work of All 4 Kidz, has made a significant impact in the community by improving the lives of children in the child welfare system and advocating for their rights and well-being in so many ways. With her unwavering dedication and impactful work, she has left an indelible mark on the community, significantly improving the lives of children in the child welfare system and advocating for their rights and well. She has touched the lives of so many youth and plans on touching so many more.

 Santana's Notable Achievements:

  • Assisted over 500+ kids in their transition out of foster care.


  • Developed four programs to mentor and assist youth resulting in higher graduation rates.


  • Helped Increase Milwaukee Public School graduation rate for youth in her program by 80%.


  • Produced 3 award-winning youth leaders in 2022, receiving the Red Cross Brave Heart Award.


  • Keynote Speaker for Trauma Informed Care in the Foster Care System in Milwaukee, WI, Washington, D.C, & and West Virginia


  • Created and implemented curriculum around Youth Mental Health, Youth Trauma Awareness within Foster Care, Building Effective Communication between Youth and adults, and tips on how to Heal from Trauma.


  • Implemented Workshops within the Milwaukee Public School system around Mental Health and Trauma.


  • Presented on “Recognizing Trauma within Black Youth” at the University of Milwaukee, WI.


  • Appointed to DMCPS Partnership Council of the Governor’s Office


  • Advocate for the youth in the foster care system at federal, state, & and local offices.


  • 2020 Black Excellent Awards


  • 2020 Red Cross Brave Heart Awards


  • S.K.Y Mentoring Consulting (Santana’s Consulting Business)


  • Published Articles


  • Appearances on local news outlets


  • Filmed for documentaries, and National interviews on experience working in the foster care system.

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