Emotional Healing Program  

All 4 Kidz Emotional Healing Program focuses on teens/young adults in the foster care and  juvenile system. We assist youth with many different emotional healing skills. With these skills the  youth can have more self-control and positive outcomes. We are very intentional about  reminding them that they are worthy of love and teach the youth how to develop self-love skills.  And more importantly our goal is to provide them with tools to create healing from any traumatic  experiences they were exposed to in life.




 Leadership Program 

All 4 Kidz leadership Program provide leadership skills with the goal to develop youth leaders  with the skills to be a responsible role model, to build, leaders, and mentor the youth coming behind  them. We work on many things such as character development, mentoring, maturity, appearance,  career building, independence and reliability. Being a part of the leadership program motivates our  youth to represent themselves in a positive and productive manner. Our youth will have honesty,  integrity, be genuine and dedicated to being successful leaders in our communities. 

 Mentor Program 

All 4 Kidz Mentor Program provides youth mentors the opportunity to help guild another youth and be an extra support. They are signed to up to three youth at a time to mentor, guild, support and be  responsible for. Some of the things the youth mentors work on is good communication skills, reducing  conflict, listening skills, strategy training, empathy, reliable, healthy relationship building , and  consistency. They are trained to understand why being a mentor is important. One of the most important things roles of the youth mentors are setting goals with the youth and tracking the progress. 

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